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Paid Content Packages Demo

With this plugin you can create different paid content packages and include certain pages, categories, post types, taxonomies or even post tags in the packages and sell the bundle as a PayPal subscription membership plan. There are a lot of other features and options which you learn more about on our documentation portal for this plugin.

To check out all features of this plugin you can use three different accounts and use sidebar on left hand side to browse through different page and content.

  1. Normal User Account:
    This is a normal user who has not signed up for any subscription plan.
    Username: demo
    Password: demo1234$
  2. Paid Member Account:
    This user has signed up for a subscription plan and have access to paid content package setup on this demo site.
    Username: client
    Password: demo1234$
  3. Affiliate Account:
    This user has signed up for an affiliate account.
    Username: affiliateaccount
    Password: demo1234$